Here’s how Brosix works…

One-2-One Chat:

For a one-to-one chat, click on the user’s name and then click the chat icon as shown below:

Chat History:

There are two ways to access chat history. The first is to select the user from the main Brosix window and click in the “Time” icon. This is the chat history.

The other way to  access chat history is to open a chat window for the user and click the history tab at the top (as shown below):

You can then see the previous chat history dates that you want to refer back to (if more than one previous chat):

Edit Profile & Change Picture:

If you’d like to add a profile picture or change your details, please select Brosix -> Edit Your Profile  as shown below. Don’t forget to “update” when finished.

General Settings:

Under Brosix -> Settings in Windows you can change various options of how the chat client performs.

In the image below you can see how to change the chat notification settings (don’t forget to “Apply” the changes):

*NOTE* Sometimes you’ll be required to log out and and back in for the new settings to take affect.


That’s all you really need to know. You can of course share desktops and send files with Brosix too.

I hope you’re enjoying the system and please feel free to join group mentoring discussions.


Mark Acutt